How I get ready: Scott Mills, DJ and television presenter

Photograph of Scott MillsWhen I DJ at student gigs, I start getting ready in the car. My tour manager picks me up and drives me wherever I need to be. They can be quite long journeys so he plays mellow music like Magic FM. Half an hour before we arrive he switches to Radio 1; because it is usually a Friday or Saturday night, they will be playing pumping dance music. That’s when I know it’s time to get ready.

I bring a man bag with me in which I have my clothes, hair wax, hair spray, aftershave and a mirror. I will change out of my jogging bottoms into a fresh pair of jeans, a nice shirt and a new pair of socks (I can’t do a gig without new socks). When I arrive, I brush my teeth and I am ready to go.

I like to be tanned because I think everyone looks better with a tan. If I don’t have one, I will spray it on. Garnier do something called Face Mist which is good but don’t go too crazy with it. I’ve done that – it doesn’t work straight away so I used practically a whole can, to my cost later on that evening when I was getting darker by the minute. I make sure my teeth look good as I think they are really important. You can tell a lot about someone by their teeth. It is the second thing I notice after shoes. I am not a shoe snob but if your shoes are scruffy on a night out I think it says a lot.

Arms-unfastened smartphone Use through Drivers Is simply as Distracting as conserving It: examine

Hands-Free Phone Use by Drivers Is Just as Distracting as Holding It: StudyDrivers the usage of a palms-free cellphone get just as distracted as the ones preserving it of their hand, British researchers have determined.

Scientists at the university of Sussex discovered telephone conversations at the same time as using can motive the driver to visually believe what they are speaking about.

This uses a part of the mind usually used to observe the street, the study stated.

It is illegal within the united kingdom to journey a motorcycle or power the usage of \ phones or comparable gadgets.

Drivers can get an automated constant penalty notice if stuck using one. They will get 3 penalty points on their licence and a high-quality of one hundred pounds, the BBC suggested.

The regulation currently says drivers can use arms-free phones, satellite tv for pc navigators and -way radios, however if the police suppose the driver is distracted and no longer on top of things of the vehicle, they may get penalised.

The observe concerned 20 male and forty lady volunteers who took component in video tests whilst sitting in a vehicle seat in the back of a steerage wheel.

One group of volunteers have been allowed to pressure undistracted even as another two heard a male voice from a loudspeaker 3ft away.

Those who were distracted via the voice attractive them in conversation took simply below a 2d longer to reply to events, inclusive of a pedestrian stepping off the pavement, an oncoming car on the incorrect facet of the street or an surprising vehicle parked at a junction.

The examine confirmed that asking a simple question – inclusive of, where did you go away the blue document?– during cellphone conversations may want to suggest a driver concentrates on a place 4 times smaller than ordinary, due to the fact their brain is imagining the room in which they left the report, rather than checking for risks in front of them.

Dr Graham hollow, senior lecturer in psychology at the college of Sussex, said the studies laid bare the popular false impression that using a mobile cellphone even as driving is secure as long as the motive force uses a fingers-loose phone.

The hassle is enforceability – it’s very tough for the police to inform if someone’s using a palms-loose smartphone, he stated.

But on stability, I assume the regulation have to be modified to get the proper message across and make it certainly clean that any use of a mobile phone whilst using is unsafe.